Music Theory - 101

Dean Rollins – Instructor, Music Theory 101

Recommended Age: 4th grade and up

Designed specifically for musical theater students, this series of Zoom classes will teach your child how to read music, learn musical vocabulary, understand rhythm, and play a basic piano piece.  All musical theater students should be able to sit at the piano and play the melody line that they need to sing – this course will teach them that skill! 

Music Theory is divided into 4 classes (101 – 104).  Each class is 4 weeks long.  You can continue or stop at any time.  Highlights from each class will include:

  • Music Theory 101 – reading notes on the staff, rhythm and vocabulary.
  • Music Theory 102 – intervals, sharps/flats, half/whole steps, more rhythm and vocabulary.
  • Music Theory 103 – key signatures, complex rhythm patterns, the beginning of scales.
  • Music Theory 104 – scales, chords and composition.

What you will need:  A portable device, a pencil and a keyboard.

What will this cost: $80/class (4 lessons).

How long will each class take: 40 minutes.  However, it may take an additional 10 minutes.  I do not want to rush the students.  So plan on 50 minutes, but I will try to keep it down to 40 minutes.

How many students will I take:  12 is max, would like to keep to 10.

When does this start: Monday, October 26th, 5:00 PM – 5:50 PM.  Weekly thereafter.

How do I register:  Click the Register Now button below.