Fight Right! Stage Combat, a 2 Day Workshop

Dana Grossman – Instructor, Trained in Stage Combat

The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA


Recommended Age: 12 years and older

To fight, or not to fight. That is the question. From then until now, the theatrical world uses intense fight scenes in musicals, plays, films, and more to amp up a story.

This two-day workshop introduces essential skills for performing safe and effective stage combat. Students will learn basic unarmed techniques that include stage slaps, punches, kicks, and stage falls. Emphasis will be on accuracy, safety, and breaking down moves to protect students in a choreographed “fight”.

Due to the pandemic, this course will require each student to sign up with a friend or sibling whom they have broken quarantine. This way, students have a sparring partner for close contacts, such as a hand on someone’s shoulder or blocking an incoming punch. This creates realistic looking fight moves while never hitting one another.

Each class will have an appropriate physical warm-up, followed by the breakdown, execution, and performance of these unarmed fighting skills. In the end, students will learn a very short stage combat scene and use their new skills to create and present to the class their own multi-step choreographed fight.

Session 1 – Wednesdays, December 2nd and December 9th
Session 2 – Tuesday, December 8th and Thursday, December 10th

6:30 – 8:30 PM

What you will need:  yourself, a water bottle, and a mask!

What will this cost: $80/workshop (meeting two days for two hours, four hours total).

How long will each class take: 2 hours

How many students can sign up per workshop: 20 students, so 10 pairs of fighters.

How do I register:  Click the Register Now button below.

Standard DRMT Pandemic Protocol for drop-off will be followed (i.e. parent sign-off and temperature check).  Thank you for your cooperation!

Dana Grossman, Instructor, in combat form!