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Durant Road Musical Theatre

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Tanya is a native New Yorker where she was raised with musical theater in her heart and where it was a principal part of her life as a student. She put herself through school working as a model and commercial actress, which eventually lead her to Los Angeles. In a natural progression, Tanya started a career in fashion during which she traveled throughout Europe and Asia as lead to a merchandising and design team and also styled their shows. Having worked on both sides of the camera, she started a visual arts and photography business in 2003 to accommodate her greatest love, being the mom of four wonderful children. In her business, she has styled and photographed a variety of clients including families, businesses, and celebrities alike. As the newest member to DRMTís creative team, Tanya has now found a place where she can fuse all of her lifeís passions into one and is thrilled to be here.
Assistant Director: Tanya Young
Tanya Young